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About Us

Unlucky Lingerie was born from the ideal of creating a label based around body positivity and accessibility. 

Why should underwear cost the earth? Why is it that everything that looks cute isn't in your size? Why are big cup sizes automatically only made in beige? We get it. We really do.

Unlucky is all about being yourself and embracing all that's beautiful about your body. The designs are supportive of curves, as the belief that all women have the right to be able to access high quality garments, regardless of size, at an affordable price point. As lets face it, that money could also be spent on wine and cakes, which is also very important.

Favouring black, like your ex's soul, the garments are constructed with sheer mesh, vintage lace and, jersey fabrics. Pops of colour can be seen through out the collection, and the individual samples are often reflective of rainbows, opting for constructed vintage garments and every day wear. We have also partnered with some of the most amazing brands so you can get the latest styles at the best prices. 

We believe that beautiful lingerie is worn for oneself so it's designed for lazy days, pizza dates, fancy nights with whomever else you wish to show. Cats are less appreciative of your lingerie efforts, so if you want to show the girl gang, be sure to tag us in your selfies.

Unlucky is all about empowerment, comfort and body confidence, and we hope that you feel amazing while wearing lingerie purchased from us. 

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Why choose us? 

We've been around since 2014 in Australia and with thousands of happy customers from all over the globe, we take knickers seriously. We've launched our North American store to help our International cuties get cute looks, quicker with direct US to North American Shipping. 

We have Genuine brands, great quality and fast shipping. Choosing to support us means shopping small and supporting small business. Shopping small means you won't be helping a CEO buy another boat or another holiday home. As with most small businesses, your purchase means we can grow our business, keep giving back and introducing new collections.

Any questions? Speak with us! We're a small team of three and are proudly plus size, so we get the struggles and understand fit is important, so we'll always go above and beyond to help you get the perfect fit.