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Handmade Harness Information

Did you know we make harnesses to order? We've made thousands of them for people all over the globe and suffice to say, we have a bit of a wait list. They're super popular to add to existing lingerie for a strappy look, something cool to dress up an outfit or just generally for fun (or more serious fun, ahem) they're in a variety of fabrics, colours and finishes. Sateen. Matte Elastic. Firm. Stretchy. Soft. We've basically got every finish you can think of. We even have cool knickers (yep, those ones there) to match. 

Each harness is handmade at the time of the order so it's crafted just for you. We dye our own materials, cut, pin, sew and hand wash then dry your harness, along with wrapping and packing it, and given we're just a small studio, in peak periods this process sometimes does take longer than we'd like. If only we could be cloned. Although we're fearful it may be like Jurassic Park, except with sewing machines. Terrifying, right?! We digress. 

We will do our best to have your harness out to you within 4 weeks and you can always contact us at any stage and we can split your order shipping between handmade and non handmade items if something is needed urgently, we'll also let you know where your order is in the queue as we understand ordering things online can feel like it takes forever to arrive in your lovely hands. 

We'll email you all the information, along with care instructions and wait times, etc. and we're always available to chat to about an existing order progress, or a new order you'd like to place. 

We have so much fun putting together your orders and making everything perfect for it's adventure to you. We have additional care instructions and, directions - because on the first try on, it can be tough working out what goes where and why. 

We'll send out everything you need to know to ensure you, and your harness live happily ever after. 


Some harnesses are limited editions, and as such we may need to make adjustments to styles and fabrics (in consultation with you, of course) this is a rare event, but we'll give you plenty of notice if this ever applies to you. 

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