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The Abella Whimsical Crop Set

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Fancy something a little dramatic and a whole bunch of cute?

The Abella is a flowy sleeve crop top and ruffle style knicker, which is just perfect.

This look will show quite a bit of skin while still leaving enough to the imagination. 

Abella has a bandeau style crop with ruffles along the top and bottom. It has a long sleeve which is split from just above the elbow, making things very dramatic. 

• Airy, Flowy Sleeve Design
• Ruffle Detailing
• Matching Panty

Fabric Content:
100% Polyester 


OS: US 2-10, Bust: 32-38'', Hips: 34-38''

L/XL: US 10-12, Bust: 38-42'', Hips: 38-49''

QS: US 12-16/18 Bust: 42-46'', Hips: 42-49''